#1 choice for moderated communities with artificial intelligence support

with best in class ai supported moderator features powered by elix, yap offers an unmatchable secured collaboration app for your community or a corporation. chat with elix to request your own free yap instance. contact us for industry specific solutions powered by elix.


Enable ease of collaboration and messaging through yap.

We combine great features for a messaging app with collaboration, security and moderation.

Private and Public Channels

Both public and private channels are supported. Private chats are on invitation basis.


Notifications on your desktops, mobile and emails can be pushed.

Attachments & Images

Drag & Drop Files to add attachments and share it on a channel. Be amazed with inline image previews.


Use @ notifications to all or a specific user or everybody on the channel.

bots to connect with your enterprise apps

with bots, your team is no more isolated, in fact they can stay up to date on code changes, creating tickets, checking build systems, and much more. our integrations include ticketing systems, customer support, and HR solutions.

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With Yap it’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.


Access your services anytime, anywhere. There is no expensive infrastructure that needs to be purchased or managed.


Seemless auto upgrades making sure that all the customizations are preserved.


Easy to integrate with your existing tools (via REST, WebHooks)

Data Security

Data security is our top priority, every instance has a customer maintained secure key pair*

Help & Support

We work with every customer to make sure that their implementation is successful and address every issue in timely fashion

Fast & Responsive UI

App is designed to to be fast/responsive, also its deployed closer to user.

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